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Our qualified staff will assist you with the personalized accounting services that you need in a cost-efficient manner to keep your financial records organized. Required payroll tax returns and other required filings can be prepared to relieve the administrative burden. The preferred accounting software that we utilize is quickbooks.

Payroll requires a lot of required forms that needs to be timely filed and taxes that needs to be paid on time to avoid penalties and interest. We will assist you with the required filings necessary to be in compliance.
She provide individual and business tax planning and income tax preparation that is in compliance with federal and state tax laws, in a timely and efficient manner.
She keep current with the changes in tax laws and utilize sophisticated tax software for tax professionals. She is also required to attend continuing professional education.
An accountant is simply a person who is responsible for keeping, inspecting and auditing the financial records of a particular business or an individual. This is done to prepare the tax reports. We at Masudacpa are truly aimed to provide you top class accountant services in Honolulu, Hawaii.
A certified public accountant is a person who has been certified by the State Examining Board since he has met a state’s legal requirements. The knowledge of a CPA proves to be an asset. Therefore, we at Masudacpa can provide you with the top-notch accountants.
Bookkeeping is a very important job in any business. It is basically a practice in which the accountant records the transactions and accounts of a particular business. At Masudacpa, we provide you with highly competent bookkeeping services in Honolulu, Hawaii for your businesses through our accountants.
“I have been a client for 1 year now, and it has been a blessing for me. Tamilyn’s team has been very efficient with weekly payroll, monthly billings, receivables and payables”
“It is with great pleasure to recomend your firm to future prospectus,both in business or on a personal level, For the past 15 years”
“Tamilyn and her staff are the best! I would highly recommend her for all your bookkeeping services”